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Employees at the Top That Can Make Your Properties Sing

Who are these portfolio property management professionals that succeed in building cohesive teams of employees? What pivotal attributes do these people tend to possess that help them to increase asset value? How do they do it? What are some consistent components that comprise this individual?

An irrepressible positive energy and attitude is a must. Someone that enjoys, inspires and motivates others to be the best they can and invests time and training of their employees. They build cohesive teams that are excited to perform at top capacity. They impart goals to the staff and make a consistent point of recognizing a job well done. They are visible, hands-on and visiting the properties. They know the assets and the people that run them, well.

A competent and dedicated person sums up immediate asset needs, coupled with a long term plan for the future. They understand operations, capital improvement planning, resident relations, staffing and supervision, leasing, marketing, customer service, the financial picture, and know how to make changes in value and NOI gains. They share their vision with the staff who can make things happen and have a sincere interest in empowering them to perform at the highest level.

They operate effectively at the site and corporate level with the willingness to roll-up their sleeves. Better bottom line results begin with customer service and an understanding of all interlocking parts. Great leaders are not strangers to their properties or the people that run them.

Respect and Common Courtesy. This is basic and often absent. Whether in property management or elsewhere, the old adage that you get more with honey than vinegar, has been tried and is true. Residents and employees alike, appreciate a leader that is gracious and polite.

Communicate well and be clear, concise and articulate. Employees perform well when they understand the task at hand. They are not telepathic. Good leaders are accessible, willing to elaborate, and provide clarification.

Leaders are Customer Service Driven. No matter how you stand up to the competition in bricks and mortar, portfolio leaders know that customer service driven companies are those that will constantly win. They understand just how critical it is to provide exemplary customer service that will lead to referrals and increased resident retention and they seek employees who similarly will go the extra mile.

They are looking for their future replacement. Intelligent Managers/Directors of a Portfolio of Properties are always seeking to groom their best employees. They are neither threatened or bothered by intelligent, hard-working and competent employees. They are excited to help mold a future property management leader and potentially, their replacement.
Linda Granito, President, The Emlin Group, Ltd. (215-654-9299)

With nearly 20 years’ experience, The Emlin Group is dedicated Nationally to Recruitment for the Property Management Industry. They are uniquely comprised of Property Management Professionals who keenly recognize the personalities and experience of our industry professionals that are best suited to the positions they are asked to fill.