Interviewing Tips for Employers

Before the interview:

  • Consult with the decision-makers at your company who can help identify your hiring needs.
  • Prepare a detailed job description and list the necessary prerequisites for the open position.
  • Decide who will be doing the interviewing at your company.
  • Prepare specific questions for the candidates.
  • Schedule the interviews with candidates by coordinating with the interviewers.

During the interview:

  • Show enthusiasm and interest to promote your company as a desirable place to work.
  • Introduce the company – its history, present activities and its future.
  • Describe the position in detail and its relationship to your organizational hierarchy.
  • Explain why the position is open.
  • Discuss the career path for this position (i.e., where it can lead).
  • Ask the candidate specific questions about his/her goals and experience and get specific answers.
  • Inquire about the candidate’s recent accomplishments, achievements and problem-solving skills (using examples).
  • Try to understand the candidate’s career progression and the reasons why he or she wants to change jobs.
  • Explain your company‚Äôs interviewing process to the candidate.
  • Offer a company brochure and collateral materials to help the candidate learn more about your organization.
  • Close the interview and describe the next step and timetables regarding hiring.